Beginners guide to Tetris part 1:

Hello fellow Tetris players! If you are new to Tetris you have come to the right place! Within this guide includes some tricks and tips for those of you who are just starting out. I am going to start out by explaining the 2 most simplistic and best strategies for newer players.

1. 2 Wide Combo: Basically a 2 wide combo is when you leave 2 spaces open in your field to allow you to chain single clears and double clears. it is a great beginners strategy because in tetrisfriends it sends quite a lot of lines, and is also a good defense against incoming lines. So the idea is to stack as high as you feel you can, and just slam pieces down where you left the 2 wide gap. It is a better strategy then Tetrises for beginners because it gives higher line sent rewards then Tetrises. In the video below (coming soon) I will display various ways to utilize the 2 wide combo strategy in game.


2.Tetrises: The almighty Tetris. basically you stack 4 rows high leaving once space open, then you send a line piece down the middle. It sends 4 lines, if you do another one it sends 5 if you do it without clearing any other lines in the process. It basically activates “back to back” meaning one after the other. Your second Tetris will send 5 lines on tetrisfriends arena. It is the 2nd best beginners play because it teaches you how to stack flat and even, and can be done consecutively, especially when being sent garbage lines, which are lines your opponent sends to you.  More info, in the future, I hope this is helpful :).

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